In the recent study of cancer, many cancer have been found to need a specific environment in order to thrive. It has been proven that lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer among others are highly prevented by destroying the environment they need. The drugs used are readily available and affordable to all.

The best drug I can subscribe is ASPRIN. This drug can be in found throughout the country. It can reduce the chances by of the following cancers by different percentages.

                                                      lung cancer     20%

                                                    rectal cancer      50%

                                                    prostate cancer    50%

                                                     stomach cancer    30%

                                                    breast cancer           30%

        The drug fights chronic ifflamation hence it destroys the conducive environment for cancer cells to thrive.

    Although this is a good option, it is tire some or stressing because it requires one to take a tablet everyday. As a result of this, we conducted a  study of doing this naturally and we found that eating cabbage, ginger or watercresses may help to reduce the chance of getting caner because the contribute to the production of p53 gene which kills cancer cells naturally.  Is a better option?