is all in the mind

Not  everybody is your family, not everybody is your blood relative. Even if they were, none of them would fall for your stupid trap of wanting them to do something for you while you sitting idly like a newborn waiting to be fed, diaper-changed, taught how to walk with exception to and sincere apologies to those who were born with disabilities of some sort. I got to say that I am disappointed by the fact that; people with no borne disabilities are a relaxed lot and, they compare themselves to Mark Zuckerberg and other notable pioneers, who ditched University and College to make something with their lives. When one is at work they should stay right there, those at school must study hard to achieve their goals in life. Because without education life is very hard. And people are getting tired of beggars because cost of living nowadays-- is way too steep than when we were growing up. Family unity is crumbling too-- due to those who wait for others to do things for them.All while they are fully-bodied individuals. Birds teach their kids how to fly and, sometimes after they are sure that, their kids know how to spread their wings, they see the very kids breathless and on the ground. Due to their lack of concentration whenever their parents were still around.  How many stories have you heared,  in your neighbourhood, about how life was once good for such and such a family until both parents lost their jobs, kids dropped out of school prior that because they had theirs was an infallible type of a family? I know that like I, you have heared many but are afraid to teach the world due to the consequences and the repercussions which may follow you thereafter. Look after yourselves and don’t wait for the next man to feed you. Success or failure is all in the mind. Having just said that, I believe it’s now a time for people to get their minds right. If you fail to think, what else can we do for all of you?