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The Search Engine Guys, LLC, a search engine optimization company based

in Austin and Chicago, is proud to announce a new service for anyone

looking to improve the appearance and usability of their blog or web

site, free WordPress themes.

By offering this service, individuals and businesses alike can take the

hassle out of building a web site and use a format that is aesthetically

pleasing and easy to navigate. The Search Engine Guys, LLC has designed

and currently maintains websites for over 160 domains for a variety of

clients, including law firms and small-to-mid-sized businesses.

The three different templates, "Live Music," "Silent Movie" and

"Steampunk," are all completely free and available for download right

away. Once individuals download the themes, they can customize their own

text and navigation menus. However, because of the simplicity of the

designs, most of the hard work is already complete and the site will be

ready to launch in no time.

The Search Engine Guys, LLC has established itself in a variety of

web-marketing areas, including search engine optimization, social media

optimization, web design and pay-per-click support, and is excited to

provide free WordPress themes to help you with your blog or website.

About The Search Engine Guys, LLC

The Search Engine Guys, LLC are

devoted to providing quality web marketing services to law firms and

small- to medium-sized businesses. TSEG offers their clientele an array

of services, including search engine optimization, reputation management,

website design, custom photography and videography, content development,

and pay-per-click marketing. Currently, TSEG has offices in Austin,

Texas, and Chicago, Illinois, but maintains relations with clients across

the US. For more information, visit today.


Joe Devine

The Search Engine Guys, LLC

Office: 800-267-1704

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