Major Applications of Polymers You Must Know


A product of macromolecular science, polymers are noticeable in lots of areas of our lives. Many decades ago, thermoplastic polymer products that can be found today were non-existent. However, their presence follows further advances and research that has led to new applications.


With certified industries involved in thermoplastic polymer production, it is currently possible to use various products arising from thermoplastic polymer compounding. The products embrace many different markets including automotive, footwear, general purpose, packaging, and more. Here are some of these common applications of polymers that you might need to find out to widen your understanding from the products.


· Elastomers: rubber is the most important of all elastomers. While rubber is available from natural sources, nearly all of rubber used today is synthetic, from a product called styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). Rubber is important to make numerous products in automotive, footwear and wire & cable industries.


· Plastics: studies have revealed that Americans consume approximately 60 billion pounds of plastic every year. Plastics exist in 2 main types namely thermoplastics and thermo sets. Based on their properties, thermoplastics become soft when heated, while thermo sets cross link and form rigid materials that can't soften on further heating. In commercial applications, thermoplastics will be the most widely used.


· Fibers: fibers are important products of polymers that are important raw materials in several industries. Synthetic fibers have now been developed with improved qualities such as high softening point, increased tensile strength, and improved stiffness along with other desirable fabric qualities.


If you are in search of the greatest thermoplastic polymer compounders, you should engage a certified company with adequate experience with the industry. Working with polymers is a complex manufacturing procedure that involves chemical reactions of different levels to create valuable finished products. Therefore, a business involved thermoplastic polymer manufacturing must have adequate machinery in place to produce desirable results.


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