Planning for the Unthinkable

As a son or daughter I will remember going through the tunnel that connects East Boston with Boston holding my breath. To research more, we understand you check-out: mastermind group definition. Ridiculous behavior? Certain, in my head I was preparing for that time if the canal would come to an end of air.

A friend explained that as a child he taught himself to publish with his left hand even though he was right-handed. His explanation was that he wanted to make sure he can write even though some thing happened to his right hand.

Crisis planning, tragedy recovery these topics will be in the news a lot lately in-the United States. Inadvertently I did it as a youngster but it isnt a subject that as an adult I want to consider. In reality I prevent it!!

As an account executive at AT&T certainly one of my tasks was to be certain my customers had disaster recovery plans. Everyone else needs their phone to work no matter what happens. And yet nevertheless it wasnt something my clients wished to address. Many thought the possibility too remote. The others had way too many other jobs on the table they said took priority.

It's hard for an estate planning attorney to tell someone she or he requires a will. It is only when something happens in a persons life like a serious disease or death that suddenly what was on the back burner comes to the forefront.

It is only once some thing dreadful happens that suddenly we get up to the actual fact that planning for an emergency is important. Took the opportunity to sign one when Terry Schiavo was in-the media many who didnt have medical care proxies. After Hurricane Katrina suddenly individuals are now considering contingency planning.

Governments too have now been questioned where contingency planning is concerned. My guess is that few considered the likelihood of everybody being forced to leave their homes if there are disaster recovery programs. If there were evacuation plans whatsoever then almost certainly they would have finished by everyone planning to a public building. Who would have considered busing people away from the region completely?

Katrina is a horrible event for people all. Making our plans appropriately and considering the lessons though is really important.

Therefore one lesson I know I have discovered is that I want to be certain that local, state and federal governments have really a clear plans that are coordinated together. I want to know about these ideas also because I've a responsibility for myself, my family and my business.

As I think about this however I'm uncomfortable about my own personal planning. What do I do in case of a disaster? I can feel my own opposition in even thinking about it!

Many months before my mastermind group was discussing backing up their computer records. One member of the party actually took his backup disk to a different place to be sure that when a fire or flood struck his office he'd still have his files. I used to be really impressed by that and started to think about it for myself. The possibility seemed remote then but certainly now I really do begin to see the place.

What're your plans for your organization, yourself and your family members? Start to put your own disaster plan together now.

Do something

1. The SBA comes with an excellent site for preparing for a disaster in your business. Check it out

2. The Red Cross has some exceptional data for individuals:

3. Make a list of individuals who got to know this course of action and review it together.

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