Physical Therapy Helps Lower Back Pain

Your breath should fill up your stomach area, although your belly is your lung, this is called belly breathing and is performed in all eastern practices. Your belly should expand on all sides, front back and sides, like a balloon expanding. Breath slowly and deeply, relaxed and not forced.

Sleeping with pillows in between the knees or sleeping lying on the back with knees resting on the pillow gives some comfort and so are often recommended by doctors.

Arthritis is a disease that often causes pain in knee and finger joints. Unfortunately, arthritis can invade any joint, including spinal joints. Back pain when moving can be caused by arthritis in the spine.

This is an extremely advanced exercise and should not be done if you are a beginner or are experiencing any therapy back pain. Place your feet under something that will not move. Grab an extremely lightweight (never go real heavy no matter how advanced you are) and hold it over your chest like it is a steering wheel. You will pivot on your butt and turn as far as you comfortably can to the left and then to the right. This is a tough one.

One excellent feature of massage chairs is a stretching system. The stretching system is used to elongate different parts of the body. Some stretching systems target the lower body while others can do the arms and shoulders. The rolling massage provides for traction of the spine. In some cases, most of the body can be stretch with the functions of the massage chair providing needed relief.

Develop and adhere to a routine that strengthens the core muscles. In order to support the many movements we put our back and body through in the course of a day, we need strong abdominal, low back and waist muscles, and flexible hamstrings (back of the leg muscles). If you are unsure of the correct exercises to accomplish this, consult a physical therapist or certified personal trainer. Invest in one session and learn a routine that is effective and efficient.

He also says that posture and work habits are key here. If you are mostly immobile, sitting or standing, and the forces of gravity are not being evenly distributed through the soft tissue and the spinal hardware, you could have problems. Emotional stress causes of debilitating back pain often plays a role, also, as do activities such as playng sports when you are not warmed up, or carrying a weight incorrectly, or moving.

The area of greatest vulnerability in the lower back are the disks. The disks are the "jellly doughnuts" that fit in between the vertebrae- thick fibrocartilage is on the outside, gel on the inside. The disks act as flexible shock absorbers throughout the length of the spine. After age forty, the interior gel begins to dehydrate and shrink, and the exterior disk is prone to cracking, or "herniating," which can irritate the surrounding nerves, muscles, or both.

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