CH Products Eclipse Yoke

CH Products eclipse yoke is leading of the line

CH Eclipse Yoke from CH Products brings this leading of the range yoke. CH Products is proud to release the newest and greatest in Flight Simulation hardware with the release of its new high end yoke, the CH Eclipse! The CH Eclipse Yoke has been enhanced with many new attributes like totally programmable fingertip paddles, new buttons, switches and a lot more. The CH ch products eclipse yoke review Products yoke has no dead zones and fine manage is vastly superior.

Over the years, sim flight fans have utilized various joysticks, the original CH Products Gameport yoke, the Saitek Yoke System and now the CH Products Eclipse. And they have less or no problems with the CH Products eclipse yoke. This gives flight simulator an incredibly realistic feel. There are much more buttons to utilize rather than the original CH Products yoke and that tends to make gamers enjoy the Eclipse yoke much more and more.

The CH Eclipse Yoke has been constructed with the same top high quality components that you will find on their industrial products. Customers who are familiar with the CH Products Flight Sim Yoke have no doubt, currently recognized that there are significant differences in between that device and the Eclipse Yoke.

CH Products continues to bring solid durability, realism and programmability to your fingertips, and the CH Eclipse Yoke is no exemption. The Eclipse nevertheless, appears a bit much more sensitive than the original CH Products yoke but this just takes some obtaining used to.

The Eclipse Yoke is the higher-end flight yoke with constructed-in rudder and throttle functions.

The all-in-one Eclipse Yoke from CH Products is a answer for folks who do not want or need separate throttles, rudder pedals, and consoles for switches and knobs. They are intended to control throttle, prop pitch, and fuel mixture, and they use the exact same knob shapes found on the CH Products Throttle Quadrant and Flight Sim Yoke (even though they are not colored on the Flight Sim Yoke).