The Word-press Plugin Repository

The repository is a place where all Word-press extensions are taken together and distributed to town of users. But over that, it's a place where developers can go to see what's already on the market, what the...

WordPress is an excellent open-development community that encourages its users to innovate. But a couple of years ago, it started getting hard to match these improvements. That's if the Word-press Plugin Repository came to be (currently hosted at

The library is just a place where all WordPress extensions are drawn together and distributed to the community of users. But more than that, it is a spot where developers can get to see what is already around, what they can base their new work with, and what needs to be improved. Additionally to end-user tools that anyone can obtain because of their WordPress needs, there are plenty of development tools, including a bug tracker and wiki-based version control, that the WordPress development group is welcomed to-use. Everything is certified under GPL unless observed within the source, so nearly everything is available.

If you're new to the WordPress plugin archive however not towards the WordPress service boards, you must log-in with your community username and password; they are currently synced. You should email the community webmaster to ask what is happening, if you have any problems. Just logged-in users may edit on the Repository, although many people are welcome to view what's going on.

What's Available on the WordPress Plugin Database?

The Repository is designed to be a total, organized, effective approach to seeing what is in devel-opment and what has been developed for WordPress. Dig up extra info on a partner article - Click here: division. As a result, the primary products listed below are a robust version get a grip on process and the directory. You can even use a particular software, downloadable at no cost, to work well with the Repository easier. The Repository is driven by project management software, a source get a grip on management and Trac. Subversion is a wiki tool providing model control, and is also the source administration tool WordPress is using today. Get further about blog post by visiting our elegant essay.