How to Choose an Expert Wedding Animation Company

Rather spending more on decor, food and drinks, you can make your wedding ceremony too special. Yes, there are many creative yet affordable ideas available which can make your special day more special. Preparing a wedding animation video is one of the most popular and innovative ideas. Playing an animated video rather those traditional photo slides or captured videos entertains your guest more. The wedding cartoon video also remains with you as a lifetime gift and its contents make you cherish every time.


Making of a Love Story Animation Video:

Love Story Animation

•Script – You need to tell your successful love story to the whole world in a more dynamic and creative way. Making a short video of the story using the events of your life and love using cartoon characters is a superb idea. Tell your story to the agency, how your love came to this point.

•Characters – You and your partner will get a new face on this video. Exclusive cartoon characters will be made for your short film those are look-alike you. Send your close-up photos to the designers to prepare it beautifully.

•Production – After getting ready of the cartoons matching your face, wedding animation video production work will be initiated. It may take a bit more time to get ready for filming.


•Filming – You can screen the love story animation on a big projector screen on your wedding party. Also on the reception and marriage anniversary parties, wedding cartoon video will make your party memorable.


This service is now being available at an affordable price. You must consider planning for it before few months of the day of screening.