Texas Energy Exploration LLC - Dome names

Onshore domes are identified by the salt basin in which they are found and their individual names. Offshore domes generally are identified by the name of the offshore area and the block number of the discovery well for the associated oil or gas field. This leads to some confusion in the naming system of offshore domes since some domes do not trap hydrocarbons and so are named for the dome location. Also, some offshore domes cover a portion of several blocks or are associated with several different oil fields. Some domal features were combined if they were named together in one of the sources. Some were split if one of the sources gave two different names.

Some domes lack a published name; these domes are identified on the map by their identifying code being printed in red (plate 1). Dome name coding system is described in the next section. Onshore domes have been given a name for the county or parish in which they are located and a sequential number. Domes in coastal areas, within State waters, are named for the nearest county or parish and a sequential number. Offshore domes have been given a name for their offshore area and the block number in which most of the dome is located.