ENT Partners of Texas Appreciates Your Preference to Serve and Care for Your Health

ENT Partners of Texas Appreciates Your Preference to Serve and Care for Your Health

Children can have many problems with their ears, nose and throat. Often, your physician can deal with these problems. Dallas Allergy Specialist may help treat your child with certain problems such as ear infections, hearing loss, respiratory problems and sinus problems. They can also treat your child if you need tubes ("pellets") ventilation or tonsil surgery.


Welcome to the website of ENT Partners Of Texas. We value you as a patient and our goal is to try to help you navigate our site and familiarize yourself with our clinic. We offer 2 locations for your needs and either of 2 available for your convenience.


The clinic also has the most modern technology in the field of audiology; the company congratulated it for the acquisition of fully computerized equipment for studies of hearing. In recent years the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea has been revolutionized by the use of radiofrequency (somnoplasty), this highly advanced equipment is available and we are proud to have him at our disposal.


To make your stay during your care at our Ear Nose and Throat Doctor Irving TX Center as comfortable as possible, we have developed this guide to provide guidance in the process of admission, review, treatment, monitoring and high and to avoid setbacks during your visit.


It is our pleasure to offer our services and updates on topics of specialty. The goal of making our web page is to provide updated information to patients and professional information, and to communicate with you through links and postal services on different scientific topics. We encourage you to review our list of insurances accepted to ensure that we accept his plan. We also accept cash and credit cards for visits and tests.


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