Types of African Safaris to choose from

Types of African Safaris to choose from

There are different activities that you can participate in when you take a trip to Africa. They are incorporated in the types of African safaris.  Many people think that a trip to Africa will involve watching animals while suffering under scotching sun and strong winds. There are a lot you can do in Africa that will make you still long to come back for more every holiday.

Other people associate safaris with only hunting hippos and rhinos in the wilds. Certainly, there are hunting safaris but it is among other exciting types of safaris. If you are planning to come to Africa for safari, you need to families yourself with the following types of safaris.

Drive Safari

If you visit Central African and East African, you will have a drive African safari in a minivan. In South Africa, drive safaris are done on open 4 x 4 vehicles. The open cars allow you to see the wildlife and scenery better than in closed ones. You have high chances of seeing many types of sceneries and wild life in drive safaris.

Walking Safari

Some African countries, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania Kenya, and Botswana, offer walking safaris. On these, you will mostly trek five to 8 miles for every day, with many breaks to admire and appreciate the untamed scene and life. A walking safari allows you to get to more untouched and remote territories that hold a lot of natural life, for example, lion, elephant, rhino and bison.

Mobile Camping and Tent Safaris

Mobile Camping and Tent Safaris is a combination of walking and drive safaris. As a rule, in a versatile tent camping, you will stay at a lodge or related accommodation every night. In a genuine camping safari, like called cross-country safari, you are roughing it with tents and ordinary camping exercises and activities. These camping can keep going for a few days.

Canoe Safari

You can paddle your way down one of the considerable streams in Africa, for example, the Zambezi River, which divides Zambia and Zimbabwe. This will give you an alternate point of view of the animal and plant life.

Elephant, Horseback and Camelback Safari

Elephant back, camelback and horseback safaris unify you with nature. The animals are trained. Imagine going through the day with an elephant, eating, feeding with it and enjoying its company turn out to be in great companion.

Houseboat and Sailing Safaris

If you truly like to go in style, enjoy your safari from a yacht. This is incredible approach to see a portion of the untamed life that live closer to the water like crocodiles and hippos. Pick the houseboat safari and do small angling while you are appreciating the viewpoint.

Tracking Safari

Tracking safaris are an extraordinary approach to see astonishing creatures that are elusive and uncommon. You appreciate them in their own normal territory. There are African safari that tracks chimpanzees, tree climbing lions, and gorillas.

Bird Watching Safari

If big games are not your thing, then you should try bird watching. It is a thrilling experience. There are many places you can watch birds. Talk to your travel advisor for more information on African safaris that you can watch birds.


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