Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update

On 21st April Google announced that the mobile friendly update will boost the rankings of mobile-friendly pages that are legible and usable on mobile devices in mobile search results worldwide. Google announced algorithm updates that will have a significant impact on mobile search results worldwide for mobile searchers. The update improves rankings for sites that provide a mobile-friendly experience to searchers on mobile devices. By making this announcement, the search engine giant has officially made ‘mobile friendliness’ one of the key ranking factors. This mobile friendly update is going to have a huge impact on the search engine result page. In terms of percentage it’s said that more than 70% of sites, landing pages, and blogs will feel the impact of Mobilegeddon.
Google is trying to boost ranking of mobile-friendly web pages on mobile search results. The webpage that includes features like easily accessible, high-quality, readable content, readable text and image without tapping or zooming.
Google’s algorithm update focuses on a mobile website design. Mobile is the hot trend right now. more and more people are accessing websites with their smart phones and tablets. These devices combine for 60 percent of all online traffic.
Responsive websites take all of your content, be that copy or images, sliders, or even products for sale, and automatically resize it to fit the screen it is being viewed on, while menus too are adjusted to enable the user to easily navigate your site.
A mobile-friendly website has the following specifications
Avoids software that is not common on mobile devices, like Flash
Uses text that is readable without zooming
Sizes content to the screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom
Places links far enough apart so that the correct one can be easily tapped​
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