Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and Pearls!!  The first flash of thought which happens to cross the mind is that all these are precious stones having a highly competent market value if we go by the statistical figures. Pretty true and denying this would be a complete farce! The concept behind these gems, however, is not just limited to the physical attraction part only! Nor is it just meant to beautify affluent women dressing up for Page 3 parties. These gemstones have much more hidden meaning than what is visible to the eye. In this context, I shall be discussing about the complete details regarding the “SCIENCE OF LIGHT – ASTROLOGY.”


To strike a beginning with, in the wake of the ever - rising online trends, the astrological gemstones remedy analysis is a perfect way to demystify oneself from the clutches of quack astrologers who themselves do not even possess even half the knowledge they claim to be educated with. For the most accurate details a person must specify the following four details without fail:

Place of Birth
Date Of Birth
Time Of Birth


Gemstones remedy analysis too is a very important aspect and maybe viewed as the governing body. It makes the person in question cautious about how to use the gemstones. The most highlighted ones being:


Never to use a gem this is opaque in nature. The simple and realistic logic behind this being that if light is not able to pass through the gem, instead of yielding fruitful results, results may be adverse instead!


Before wearing a ring comprising of a gemstone, one must always find out about the Rasi, Lagna and Gochara of the horoscope through a detailed analysis.


Refrain from using synthetic and duplicated gems. What happens is such stones do not possess the natural vibrations like the original ones and so there is no positive effect.


Patience! This is one thing which needs to be incorporated into the system of every human being. Astrology has no magic wand to weave a tapestry of peace and prosperity. It too needs time just like any other thing in life!


One must also avoid removing and then wearing the gemstones again and again. In such a scenario, the vibrations may return to the base line, never to come back again!


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