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3 Stocks for the Sports Investor ith the World Cup over for another four years, the tournament underlined the fact that we live in a sportscrazed world. Even people who don't read the sports celine classic box handbag section of the newspaper or don't usually take an interest in football/soccer got into the World Cup spirit this year. And back in February, the Winter Olympics were a ratings hit, too.

Last week, LeBron James' decision to http://www.celinehandbagse.com/ play for the Miami Heat (instead of the New York Knicks where he belongs) was frontpage news around the country. And as I write this, six of the top 10 hottest searches on Google Trends are sports related (take that, Lady Gaga!). But unless you can hit a ball 440 feet to centerfield, average 20 points a game, or drive a car at 200 mph, it's tough to make money in professional sports.

Take boxing, for example. I've been involved with the sport at the professional level for about 15 years and the saying goes that the way celine trapeze bags to end up with $1 million from boxing is to start with $2 million.

But what about when it comes to investing in sports? What are the best ways to profit from celine micro luggage its mass appeal?

Can You Turn the Popularity of Sports into celine mini belt toteCash? iven the popularity of sports, celine phantom luggage you might think it's relatively simple to make money investing in it. But it's actually even tougher. Here are a few examples.

Auto Racing: Despite the popularity of NASCAR, International Speedway (Nasdaq: ISCA), owner of the Daytona International Speedway, has seen its shares fall 19% over the past 10 years. Another track operator, Speedway Motorsports celine cabas phantom(NYSE: TRK), has plummeted 42% during celine mini the same period.

Basketball: Investors who held celine mini tie shares of the once publicly traded Boston Celtics earned a paltry annual rate of 2.25% on their capital over the 17 years that its stock traded.