How to create a converting landing page for PPC campaign

Landing pages are those pages on which the person lands after clicking on Call to action form of online marketing. These pages are specially designed for specific ad campaigns.

Major benefits of using landing pages st albans seo company for PPC is that firstly, it gives the complete information about the product to the user when a user land on it. Secondly, it creates conversion path which directly impacts the sales. Thirdly, it also help to measure advertising efforts efficiently and carefully.

For creating a quality landing page for the PPC campaign one must meet these following elements:

1. Mark your goal

Before starting a PPC campaign one should be clear about his goals regarding the campaign and make the landing pages according to it. This landing pages should accomplish your marketing goals.

The landing pages depends upon the goals you want to achieve from it whether it would be sales or filling forms, registrations, etc. Once you have established your marketing goals regarding your campaigns, ad-groups and do some competitive research.

2. Create a customized heading

Landing page optimization also affect your quality score. High quality score would not only decrease the cost per click but also reduce the overall acquisition cost.

One should remember that most of the traffic comes through the heading created for your landing which is complementing the keywords being used for its research.

When a visitor reaches your landing page, your heading must remind them the site they are landing is exactly what they have searched for and clicked on the ad for.

3. Credibility

One must create trust within their visitors by enabling and showing them the trust symbols like safe-checkouts logos, awards, media mentions, client’s logos and testimonials. All these helps in developing the trust within the visitors for your campaign.

Visitors should be confident about your credibility so that they get ensure that their credit card and other information are secured with you and no misleading would occur with them.

4. Include offers and benefits

Include offers and benefits into your ads and landing page in order to attract your targeted audiences. This will help in lead generation.

Make your offer compelling that is the offer given to the visitor for converting into lead. The offers and benefits provided to the visitor should remain same on the ad and the landing page.

The promises you made on the ad spaces should be reinforced on the landing pages. This will help them in understanding the product and the benefits they will be attaining from the product.

5. Add Pay per click agency st albans CTA to your site

You as the marketer know what you want from your customers but it is not sure that what you will be wanting from them. To solve this issue introduce certain obvious Call to Action (CTA) that stands segregated from the rest of the text.

This will help the visitor to know what you expect from him and what action he should take to get converted to your site.

6. Test your landingpages

One must create multiple landing pages for the ad which are relevant and are related to the product being advertised or promoted through it. After creating the landing pages according to the above elements one must test them.

This testing of optimized landing page is done to ensure the above elements and test them to ensure quality traffic and sales. The more you test the more will be the increase in traffic and sales will be noted.

All this would help you to create a converting landing page for your PPC campaign which will help in increasing the traffic and sales over your ad and landing page.