Bren Corporation Projects

Professionals at Bren contractors also pay attention to attaining highest level of customer experience, while most developers limit themselves to the technicalities of construction. A heritage that extends back to four decades Bren group was earlier known as SJR Group. It was the eventful year of 1973 when SJR Group came into existence, making a stunning foray in infrastructure. In the year 1992, the group reached its first milestone when it successfully finished and delivered a state-of-the -art commercial office tower for IT giant Infosys. By the beginning of 21st century, the firm had spread its divisions in various areas of property development including integrated townships and commercial, residential buildings. In 2006 07, Bren further expanded its expertise to retail and hospitality. Over 10 million square feet of property, the company had successfully completed construction by the year 2013. BREN brings to you unparalleled comfort together with a lifestyle that embraces modern tendencies while providing a quality experience. Our residential jobs are spread across the technological and commercial hubs of Bangalore, yet are self contained oases of tranquillity, calmness and calm. Built with the best stuff and boasting world-class comforts, our dwellings join the finest of tasteful layout and functionality. Furthermore, our customer support executives facilitate a hassle-free process that ensures you realize your fantasy of having a house and make the very best selection.