My Son is Jealous of my Computer

My Son is Jealous of my Computer

As a single Mom, I am doing everything I possibly can to stay home with my son. As you can imagine, that involves being a SAHM.  The moment he was placed on my chest, I knew I did not want to leave him to go back to work fulltime.  It didn’t matter if I left him at a reputable daycare or with trusted family.  I had wanted to be a Mom for so long, I didn’t want to miss a single moment.




I walked away from my eleven-year teaching career, which means I have had no actual income for the past year.


I have given up my independence and privacy by moving in with my sister and her family (I am so blessed to have them).


I started blogging, first as a way to connect with other moms, and now to document this crazy-wonderful journey of Mommyhood!

I recently fulfilled one of my professional goals and began facilitating an online course through a well-known university.


Needless to say, between facilitating my online course and trying to capture all the joyous wonders of being a Mom, I have to spend some time on my computer.


In the beginning, my son, then 9 months young, paid very little attention to my time on the computer.  I would set my laptop up on my bed, sit on the floor and work from there so that when he was ready for my attention, all he would have to do is climb up on my lap and I would turn away from the computer for a few minutes.  When he was ready to go back to playing, I would continue with my work.


Over the past couple of months, however, my son has developed a strong envy over my time on the computer.  He refuses to play independently just as long as my computer is on.  He can be three rooms away, completely engrossed in an activity, but the second I turn on my computer, it’s like he has sonar!  There he is….vying for my attention….pulling at me….closing my laptop….


I have recently begun to feel that maybe I spend too much time on my computer.  But, when I actually think about how much time I am on it, it’s really no more than two hours a day (not including his naptime). 


And when I think of the alternative, going back to work full time and leaving him, I am reminded of why I am on my computer…so that I might earn a living working from home.


I know he is too young yet to understand that this is a small sacrifice for him to make, letting Mommy work on the computer so that we can be home together, but, in the meantime, I really need to figure out how to get more “work time” in during the day if I am going to facilitate more than one class at a time and devote more time to my online writing.

Suggestions?  Advice?  Words of Wisdom?