Scrap Dragon Module Reveals: Scrap Metal Categories

Everyone may be taking the effort of recycling their metals at home but, only a few understand what materials are allowed to be recycled. Let the Scrap Dragon Software guide you! We may be sure that paper and plastics are just a few to mention but, metal seems to be something not everyone thinks of. Well, metals can even go higher in value than papers and plastics combined. You can recycle metal when you know what metal items are accepted at the scrap yard. In fact, the amount of household metal you have alone is incredible when you know how to search. Our own homes contain metals that you are not even aware of. These metals can be recycled when they serve no other use to us. They can be divided in groups like, white goods, small residential scrap metal and large metal scrap.


Scrap Metal Categories (with the help of Scrap Dragon)


White goods are those large appliances in your home that may have broken but can still be recycled. They include stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, dryers and etc. You can also classify ovens and microwaves as part of the white goods.


Large Household Scrap Metal includes bicycles, door and window frames, patio furniture, auto parts, aluminum siding and etc. They are easily noticed since they are big in sizes.


Small residential scrap metal involves pots, kitchen utensils, pans, tools, coat hangers, small bike parts, screws, nails, bolts, pipes, hinges, watering cans and those that are small metal items used for general household use or general home renovations.


Although most items fit into the categories mentioned, you will surely encounter some items that may belong to some other category. This is a perfect time to go use Scrap Dragon or you may just put them in general scrap items and make sure that they are no longer needed. You'll be shocked at how much of these items are hidden in your home. General scrap items or metal bearing items may include extension cords, holiday lights, umbrellas, eye glasses, electrical wires, handles, computer hardware and etc. You can keep on listing them. Such category pretty much includes electrical items which are just lying in the corner with no great use. They are often ignored because they have no use anymore.