Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Anyone who has used a vacuum cleaner with a bag, knows how tedious and absolutely icky it is to clean the bag. Even though the bag needs to be cleaned occasionally, the experience is no less bothersome. Fortunately, several new bagless vacuum cleaners have entered the market which have made cleaning the house a lot simpler and fun. Most bagless vacuum cleaners are upright and have powerful suction which ensures that no dirt is left behind. The dirt accumulates in a removable bin and thus saves the trouble of buying dust bags. More importantly, these vacuum cleaners are of immense help to people who suffer from dust allergies.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Bissell CleanView Helix Deluxe 21K3

The performance of this vacuum cleaner is great on all types of floor. It can also clean rugs and carpets with pet hair stuck on it. The HEPA filter of this cleaner gives it an added advantage. Its manual pile height adjustment feature makes it convenient to use. This cleaner is equipped with a full bin indicator which saves you from the trouble of checking the bin often. This Bissell vacuum cleaner weighs 21 pounds which makes it slightly heavy and difficult to maneuver. Another downside, the brush roll cannot be turned off while vacuuming bare floor.

Hoover UH70015

This bagless vacuum is known for its strong suction, which is suitable for removing pet hair from rugs, carpets, and bare floor. The long cord offered by this vacuum cleaner makes it a lot easier to cover more area. However, even though this cleaner is light, there are some users, who opine that it is difficult to use. Secondly, cleaning the bin may be a difficult task.

Dyson DC25

The Dyson DC25 is light in weight. It is apt for people, who want powerful suction, yet do not want a heavy floor cleaning equipment. The vacuum is placed on a ball, which makes it is easy to maneuver, turn, and clean inaccessible corners and areas of the house which were neglected in the past. The hose can be extended up to 16 feet, which means it can be used on the ceiling, staircase, under the bed, low shelves etc. The ergonomic handle of this machine is convenient to use.

Eureka 166F 4 in 1 Vacuum

The Eureka 166F 4 in 1 Vacuum is one of the lightest bagless vacuum cleaners in the market. It is convenient for everyday use and can be converted into a hand-held vacuum with the click of a button. The downside of this vacuum is that the cord is rather short, which might necessitate the use an extension cord for cleaning remote areas of the house.

While deciding on which bagless vacuum cleaner to buy, take your needs into consideration. If you have a large house, opt for a vacuum which is affordable, convenient to use, effective, has a long cord, and is not heavy. The price of the aforementioned vacuums range between USD 100-600.