Texas Energy Exploration, LLC on Summary and Reference Cited of Salt Domes



Information on 624 salt domes in the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain of the south central United States and the adjacent Continental Shelf was compiled from eight published sources, 1973-84. The salt domes included are both those confirmed by drilling and those interpreted from seismic surveys. The information tabulated includes a map code; salt-dome name; location by State, area of salt-dome occurrence, county (or parish), latitude and longitude; aquifer, permeable zone, or confining unit in which the salt dome terminates; land-surface or sea-bottom altitude at the location of the salt dome; depth to the top of salt and caprock; diameter and volume of the salt dome; and the published reference from which the data were obtained.


The depth to top of salt is unknown for about 44 percent of the salt domes. Most of the domes for which the depth to salt is unknown are located in the offshore part of the Gulf Coast salt basin, predominantly offshore Louisiana. Only 12 percent of the domes are known to terminate below the gulf coast aquifer systems. The remaining 44 percent penetrate the gulf coast aquifer systems.


Salt-dome locations and outlines are shown on a map at a scale of 1:1,500,000. The locations of salt domes that penetrate each of 10 aquifers of the gulf coast aquifer systems are shown on smaller scale maps. More Details


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