Quartz Stone is Different From Graite Stone In Many Aspects

Are you still have no idea to choose quartz stone or granite stone as countertops materials for your kitchen? Then today let us make clear the difference between quartz stone and granite stone, which will helpful for you to choose the right materials you need.

Quartz stone is made of 94% quartz and 6% resin, hardness up to 7°, while granite tile consists of marble powder and resin, hardness up to 4-6°, that is to say, quartz stone is harder than granite tile, more scratch-resistant and wear-resistant.

Secondly, when you looking at the sample, the top of the granite stone have one layer of protection film, while quartzite top has no processing.

Thirdly, quartz stone is recycle and useful, the inside materials of quartz stone is uniformly distributed, so the front side is the same as the reverse side. Although its top hurts badly, the both sides can be polished again to recover its original result, this can reduce the cost of maintenance. But granite stone can not recycle, its front side is manufactured specially, and it will not be workable once broken. Simply speaking, quartz stone is harder to break then granite tiles.

In addition, quartz stone is one kind of no radiation product that won’t do harm to people’s health. Granite stone composed of marble powder is likely to be radiant.

Due to its own material characteristic, quartz stone is resistant in high temperature under 300℃, no deformation and breakage. On the other hand, granite stone of many resins, it is easy to get deformation and burning in a high heat condition.

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