Outside big screen: LED show classification and style options

Chapter 1: LED display classification(variable message sign)


LED show far more sorts, distinct types of show uses, benefits and disadvantages, need to be correctly selected according to have to have.


LED display classification


LED show classification varied, usually classified in the following ways:


(1) by the usage of the atmosphere into indoor, outside and semi-outdoor


Indoor screen region is commonly from much less than 1 square meter to extra than ten meters, point greater density, within a non-direct sunlight or lighting environments, viewing distance of a number of meters outside the screen physique doesn't have the waterproof seal.


Outdoor screen area is generally from several meters to tens or perhaps a huge selection of square meters, more dilute dot density (mainly 1000-4000 points per square meter), brightness in 3000-6000cd / square meter (towards the different requirements of unique brightness) is often inside the sun Beneath direct circumstances, viewing distance of tens of meters, screen physique features a superior wind resistance to rain and lightning protection.


Semi-outdoor screen among each outdoor and indoor, with higher brightness, can be applied in non-direct sunlight outdoor screen physique has a particular seal, generally below the eaves or inside the window.


(two) by color into monochrome, dual-color, three-color (complete colour)


Monochrome show signifies only one particular color of light emitting material, mainly single red, green and yellow may also be employed (eg funeral) in some special occasions(AGAPE).


Dual-color screen is generally red and yellow-green luminescent material.


Full-color screen is divided into 3 major colors (full colour), the red, yellow and green (wavelength 570nm), blue constitute and true colour (nature color), the red, pure green (wavelength 525nm), blue constitute.


(three) Press the manage or use of sub-synchronous and asynchronous


Synchronous mode refers LED show operates essentially precisely the same as laptop or computer monitors, which update rate of at least 30 fields / sec corresponding bit like when mapping laptop or computer monitor Figure to true, often with several shades of gray show ability, can achieve multimedia marketing effect.


Asynchronous mode refers LED(EN12966) screen with memory plus the ability to automatically play on the Computer, edited text and no gray image interface to incoming LED screen by means of the serial port or other network, then automatically broadcast by LED screen offline, normally no much more ash degree show capabilities, mostly employed to display text facts, you could multi-screen network.


(four) Press the pixel density or pixel diameter divided


Since LED(vms) dot matrix module specifications Indoor screen utilizes a additional unified it is actually generally classified in accordance with pixel diameter module mainly: 3.0mm 60000 pixels / square meter three.75mm 44000 pixels / square meter 5.0mm 17000 pixels / square meter


Pixel diameter and the pixel pitch of outdoor screen is at the moment no uniform normal, the number of pixels per square meter is about 1024 points, 1600 points, 2000 points, 2500 points, 4096 points and also other specifications.