Entrepreneur resource planning system on (ERP) upgraded

~~Islamic university in Uganda has intended to upgrade its local networking system the ERP to better and suitable version for its users.
The system that is used both the students and the staff internally is to be modified to a simplified for usage where even the extended publics of the university can use it to access the information about the institution.
Hamza Sekalem the ERP manager said the newer version of the ERP system’s security has been made harder for penetration by hackers as the encryption of code is only to be understood by the server and the client or user. This version is better than the old one as the old system data would be sent and anyone who could accesses it would be able to read the message.
Sekalem said the upgrade was done cause of the fear of evil minded hackers who would cracker the down the system. This action was also to the usage of the system for the users.
‘’ the system has been changed from the module formulation to applications’’ he said, for the module system used to hold a large volume of data that sometimes made it hard for the users. However with the application formulation, it’s easy to use since the applications hold small volumes of data for specific group of public.
He also said that the application system is also specific in terms of functioning as the user can switch from one sub-application to another.
He also said the university has further acquired a license and it is to develop a mobile application that the students, staff and other university visitors will be able to download from the android market store and this is to reduce on the congestion since everyone who has the internet enabled device will be able to access the information of the system.
He however said most of the features in the old version are to be maintained in the newer version.