Control Candida Cell Wall Suppressor

Test your pH level daily to understand your body more effectively

Through the dayyour body fluctuates between alkaline and acidic, depending on two factors:

What you eat

Your stress levels

ph testing strips give you the definitely thetest your urine or saliva day after dayto gauge your internal health. This enables you to adjust your diet and supplements to achieve the optimum balance for physical conditionand peace of mind. ph plus capsules

Understanding symptoms

Are you preventing a symptom, or just repeatedly relieving yourself from it?

Ever-increasing pressures in life lead us to quick fixes concerningour health issues. 90 percent of medicines just alleviate our symptoms, allowing us to cope. No wonder such illnesses like cancer have increased over the years to nearly 1 in 3 people. Most treatmentsare improving the way we hide our symptoms.

How long until the underlying problem becomes chronic and turns into something more serious?

Learn about your diet and how it affects your body

This is the question you should be asking yourself

If you want a longer disease-free life - alkalise!

Everyone is biologically wired differently and that is why some foods can react in an adverse manner with one person and not another.

Candida cell wall suppressor

Candida is the result of an acidic diet which is a very real issue of immense proportions but unfortunately one which is still relatively unrecognised. This is because so many people have not yet made the link between nutrition and disease.

Fortunately candida cell wall suppressor, a revolutionary clinically proven product, has the ability to work with your immune system in a safe and effective way to fight the candida fungus regaining your health and vitality.

pH Plus

An alkaline diet is the ideal way to feel your energy levels increase, allowing your body to work to its optimum. Whilst you are making those all important changes in your eating habits, pH plus can help your body alkalise so you can feel the benefits immediately. pH plus is 100% natural. pH test strips


Injuries, pain and discomfort are not an ideal way to start your day or having to take potentially addictive pain killing drugs knowing the damage they are doing to your liver and other organs. DMSO is a 100% expectedproduct, helping to relieve pain whilst speeding up the healing process. DMSO is also an affective anti-inflammatory. Zapper becks

Candida Cell Wall Suppressor