How to better protect your Smartphone

How to better protect your Smartphone

Once buy a new phone, no matter camera smartphone, nor non camera smartphone people like to buy some cover case or the protector screen to extend the service life of the cell phone, do these can work?

Let Yasurs told you how to prolong the life of the phone in our dairy life!

First, we need to know, for most smart phone have a poor resistance of dust and moisture, so if you live in a mild and wet area, you’d better add a clothes to you phone, leather case is a good choose.

A leather case could protect you mobile phone when fall or under water. But it not means that the phone will be impervious, so you still need more care when you use and place.

Second, take away from the magnet environment. In order to avoid the smartphone get more iron powder, which can m membranes attached to the horn, and cause smaller smartphone handset voice?

Third, do not use the smartphone when the power only in one an electric. Because when the battery only in an electric, it will launch 1000 electromagnetic wave than usually. The electromagnetic wave will be high up to 0.6W.

Fourth, give you smartphone a CPR, if you find that you phone’s power usage is too fast or usually outage. You may be worried that it maybe the end of this phone, do not worry, you can change this by use a small eraser. Take out the battery, and clean brass. You will find the phone is work again´╝ü