Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System Review

Saitek Pro flight yoke system profiles

Saitek released the Pro Flight line in mid-2007, and apparently the accessories have proven popular. Your pc system may be greater-powered, but choosing up some basic pc accessories can improve your comfort and convenience.

The Saitek Pro flight yoke system will not function with out the profile editor and the Saitek drivers. With the drivers you make a profile, and in this profile you assign a keyboard important to every button of the yoke.

The profile system is an intelligent, intuitive, fast and easy way to define lots of buttons for a wide selection of sims/games with out having to do a lot, tedious work. As you will see, the active profile is called FS2004 Saitek Yoke.

Some use a mix of the Saitek profile Editor, default FS assignments and FSUIPC assignments. Like with the Saitek Profile Editor, this guarantees huge versatility, simply simply because you can select a profile for each plane you fly. The yoke has a green block, denoting a profile has been loaded for the yoke.

There are some flight simmers who do not use the SST programming software and therefore, do not use the profiles. It is because sometimes, they cannot uncover the profiles, though they can search the read more Saitek forum to resolve the problem.

An additional choice is beginning the Saitek Profiler program from the Windows Start Menu Intelligent Technologies-Profiler Editor. But at the end, unless you un-tick Run Profiler Editor, the Saitek SST Profiler strategy will start.

This is a extremely great item, pleased with the way you can set it up in flight sim.