How to price your used motorcycle

How to price your used motorcycle

At Nada Book Info, we specialize in provision of information to people looking to buy or sell their used vehicle. For those interested in selling their motorcycle, in this post we discuss tips and best practices that will help you get a great deal for your bike.

To get a fair price for your bike, you must first spend some time looking into local market trends. Knowing the typical asking price of different brands of bikes will give you the competitive edge over others in the market. You can start your search by reading through local classified ads, websites and even picking up some free auto trade publications found in grocery stores.

Pick the brain of other motorcycle owners on related forum sites to get a better idea of where and when they think you should sell your bike. For estimates with more accuracy, consult the guide on motorcycles from KBB or Nada which list individual price listings for your bike based on make, miles, model, year and other factors.

Keep in mind that these guides don't factor in customizations done to your bike when determining the price. We recommend consulting forums once you have the necessary info from the guides for additions like a new paint job or engine and things of the like. You may not make the money you spent on said upgrades unless you sell the detachable additions separately.

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