The After-Party Snack – Keep on munching.

The formalities of the evening have ended, the speeches have been applauded, the food and drink has been joyously consumed. Now the partying begins in earnest! After a few sugar, or booze, fueled sweaty stints on the dance floor even the most hardcore of revelers, the coolest of cucumbers needs a minor pick-me-up – a little je ne sais quoi to keep the party pumping for a while longer. Enter The After-Party Snack! It is an absolute must nowadays at any event that wants to go on past midnight and certainly needed where dancing is included in the itinerary.


The after party snack can take any form your heart (or stomach) desires. Anything goes, as long as it’s easy to handle. From popcorn with unusual aromas such as piña colada and s’mores to milkshake bars with a wide variety of toppings to choose from. I’ve even seen hanging piping bags full of custard to pipe into your own profiteroles . Again a plethora of flavours (earl grey, mint, 3-berry) allows the guest the interactivity of creating their own concoction, everyone’s a Peter Pan at heart!


Then there’s the Man-Snack. The macho mini-burgers (sliders, as they call them state-side) or lobster rolls. French fries and fish sticks in waxed paper cones. Or the ultimate in red-blooded snacks, the salt beef on rye sandwiches, sure to help sober one up before heading home! All beautifully minimized into hand-accessible munchies. Class. Even at the most high-brow of functions. Or you might prefer to think along the lines of “tomorrow morning’s breakfast” for your nibbles. A smoked salmon and bagel bar or warm waffles with a range of fruit and syrups will pep your guests up for their second wind!


It’s an unexpected treat that naturally augments the buzz at a party; go all out and turn it into a proper spectacle by hiring a food-van to make and serve the food. KERB offers a vibrant alternative to traditional catering, the street food vans look original, interesting, energetic and lend themselves to a feeling of casual fun, and decadent party behavior! When else would you allow yourself to binge on tacos at 11.30pm? It’s the perfect injection of carbohydrates for a fun surge of entertainment and sustenance. KERB food vans are current, slick and definitely add wow-factor once the flowers and the make-up have started wilting!


Allow yourself, as the host, to have a bit of fun when planning the after-party snack. It’s a tiny window in formal occasions where you can be more liberated in your decisions, more quirky, more carefree. It’s the smile-and-wink that assures your guests that their constant comfort has been of utmost importance to you. It can turn a great night into a fabulous one, remember – the last memory of a party lingers! Don’t let the after-snack be an after-thought!