Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel (PC)

Saitek Pro Flight radio panel for both flight sim communication and navigation

Upgrade the realism of your flight simulation experience with Saitek Pro Flight radio panel, which is for each your flight sim communication and navigation. The radio panel comes as nicely packaged, the face of the panel screws to a stand that supports it so if you had been building a cockpit you could just use the panel with out the stand.

The Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Technique in your personal house cockpit setup, attributes COM1/COM2/NAV1/NAV2 function and DME/ADF/XPDR functions, a standby switch so you can set your standby frequencies and then activate them at the touch of a button. The twin concentric adjustment dials to adjust frequency units incrementally for faster selection of your required frequency.

In each aircraft, a common radio unit is about 6 inches wide. The Radio Panel consists of two separate radios - 1 every on the upper and decrease rows. They are merged with each other into 1 neat compact device.

Whether attached to the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Technique, totally free standing on a desk or mounted into your individual cockpit setup, the Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel is a perfect way to expand the quantity of controls for your flight simulation setup. The panel can be configured to adjust each setting, and can be saitek pz46 pro flight instrument panel review attempted to replicate every coarse and fine adjust dials that you normally find on aircraft radios.

Even then,without the frame, the Radio Panels have a good little ledge which can effortlessly be screwed down onto something. Saitek provides screw holes for this.

You can add numerous Saitek radio panels, removing the require to use the mode selector switches, or if you dona€™t want to have to switch instrument panel views you can add as many much much more instrument panels as you like (generally up to a maximum of 12 to replicate the most common instruments) which indicates you dona€™t have to use the choice buttons to maintain switching the views.