Infineon Semiconductor FZ600R65KF1 IGBT Transistor Module

Get FZ600R65KF1 at and increase the power of your motor drives. Especially if you’re using this application in running a business, FZ600R65KF1 is a perfect tool to boost the performance of your motorcycles.

Infineon semiconductor FZ600R65KF1 can release power of up to 1200A or 6300V. It is as light as 2.20 lbs. with a high power switching ability to enhance the performance of motorcycles.

Infineon FZ600R65KF1 is an IGBT transistor module equipped with powerful features. It has low saturation voltage and square RBSOA to ensure that the power it generates does not depreciate at a higher voltage. It has overcurrent limiting function and on high frequency operation to ascertain that this device itself will not worn out when continuously used.

Efficiency, optimum electric performance and reliability are the three advantages that FZ600R65KF1 promises.