Portable Stage Risers Wholesaler From China

Lift your portable stage to new place with these implausibly favourable collapsable risers legs.
Stage risersRK Stage Risers are acquirable in quaternary place to fit 4'x 4' platforms: 8", 16", 24" and 32", and trine place to fit the 4' x 1' travel platforms: 8", 16" and 24". RK stage risers prefabricated of documented aluminum 6082-T6, altissimo degree with powerful weight power, long and dead environmental comradely. RK Stage Risersare devolve unit, which can keep max wattage volume 1000KG/SQM.
Risers enclosure to platforms via screws placed at each corner pipage leg that correspond to holes containing a invisible protection execution at each corner of the adps. Simply array the screws and holes, gap the included hex key into the top of the muddle and work clockwise.
RK stage risers are inaccurate potentiality of remedy, worthy for all kinds of inside and outdoorsy action and exhibitions. RK is manufactory frank selling, combative price under the dedication of level. Anything added we can improve, please communication with us.