iron out

Whatever mood you're in, don't you think we're all in. It is you who is in it, why should we get involved into something that is within you? It's the same as having a problem and don't know how to solve it and start insulting all of us because of the precarious situation that you fortunately or unfortunately, find yourself in. The're paid for services to clear a blocked mind like yours; pyschiatry and therapy. Stop loving money so much and get help qucik or move away from ordinary people like us who have multiple of problems and know how to solve it. Nothing irks than a person with problem or multiple of but without a solution. They say my solution to problems that they throw my way is; I write them down and let the whole world know what is it that people with no human spirit have been doing to me. It's no psychiatry or mental therapy but, it's still a solution. I get to solve my own because I don't go around creating some for my fellow men. If you're human and have no love for fellow beings, to I you're as good as dead. The reason I say this is because; the dead have no more part to play in this life ever again. No more. Until Almighty shakes them up, until he commands angels to blow trumpets and play harps, no man will move an inch from his or her eternal sleep. And on love, no man know enough. No man has it in abandunce. So when they look at you and puke because like I, you're literally disgusting, remember one thing and one thing only; only God can judge because He's just. No man knows enough to can able to try that. So once you've a problem with the other person, go to him and tell him. I especially don't mind sitting down with a person be they strangers or familiar to talk and iron out whatever differences I and they might have. It's foolish to scream obscenities on the streets-- trying to get attention of people who are busy with their businesses day by day. To a person you may be trying to belittle, you're nothing more than a useless piece of work which requires fixing.