My most unforgetable memmories

of the life...

I have not enjoyed in my life

but this memmories fulfilled

every part of my life

And that memmories teach me 

what is is life

these things in my life 

was done by my friends

they were the heart of my body

because of their presence only 

i lived in this beutiful world

if they were not there

i will be living a waste life

they only make me understand

what is real life

we shared our life each other

we stand together for

every problems in our life

but now........

now iam going away from them

i dont know

how i will live my 

other half of the life

but thing is sure

we.......we three

where ever 

we are in this world

we will be one forever and ever

and till the last breath

of our life

will never leave our hands

which was once holded tigether

After my last breath

but before my last second of life

we will make the holded hands

again and again we will make it tight

at that time 

i will die 

with a smiling face

with pain of death also

i will be happy

because our hands are holded tightly

                                                                             SHAAN HALEEL