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There are two different kinds of Kundalini reiki, a basic or "lite" (I call it "Classic") version which is often taught for free or around $10, and a newer generation version with a much stabler and more http://www.andrewmedal.com/legal/ powerful attunement process and a simplified system of levels. This much improved version is usually taught for $75 to $150 online, or much more in a live teaching situation. At my website Kundalini Reiki Center, I offer the advanced version of Kundalini Reiki (including 3 Booster Empowerments) for $75, and as a bonus, I throw in Purple Reiki (an excellent energy for clearing blockages) as sort of a fourth level.

My website Kundalini Reiki Center (see resource box) is my http://www.jaktrx.com/why-would-you-use-our-product/ online Reiki training site where I offer not only Kundalini Reiki, but some other related systems such as Gold Reiki and Full Spectrum Healing. I also offer a simpler alternative to Kundalini Reiki called New Usui Reiki.

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