Klyness Paints....the last touch of beauty

Klyness Paints....the last touch of beautyKlyness Paints is a well blended paints that comes in different colours, textures and types: klyness Emulsions, Texcoat, gloss etc. Klyness Paints are blended with innovation to meet the high-tech demands in beauty and quality therefore we pride in giving our product a high level of edge against fungi and we always have high considerations on weather conditions of our market areas. Innovatively, we operate a network of major key players in the industry as follows: klyess produce>>>our suppliers/distributors takes to market and gives feedback>>>>our retailers/little scale painters/contracts use products and testify our quality>>>>>house owners enjoys the beauty of satisfaction of Klyness Paints Klyness Chain enables us to monitor and maintain prudence in supply, quality. Service delivery and job creations within our business areas. We need to grow so that we can realize our corporate objectives of creating over 30,000 jobs across Nigeria before 2020. Therefore our company Franklyness Allied Chemicals and Supply Company needs fundings, investors and partners to enable us put up an ultra modern factory with modern state of arts technology in paints making, our experienced manufacturing team whose profiles have had histories in the paints making will definitely work out your returns on investment. Contact us today: Factory: Okwu Nguru Aboh Mbaise, IMO State Contact office: Km23 Lekki-Epe Expressways, Awoyaya Lekki, Legos State. Call Us: +2348038161110, +2348068613124 Email: [email protected]; [email protected]