Four things should do during visting Amsterdam

Four things should do during visting Amsterdam

Amsterdam on bicycle

This city which is known as "canal, sex, tulip", unexpectedly left the most impression to tourists is its tens of thousands of bicycles. If you have enough strength, ride a bicycle tour of Amsterdam can be described as a very good choice.air max Ride a bike, like everyday life in general through the streets, this is the right way to Amsterdam tour!

Amsterdam has many dedicated bike rental company, They not only provide all kinds of bicycle rental bikes will also provide some representative suggested itineraries, some routes will be guided. Amsterdam city full of bicycle parking slots, so do not worry nowhere street parking. However, be sure to stop at the front and the bars were locked. Do not underestimate the strength of Amsterdam thief!

The Netherlands is the kingdom of bicycles, has a good transportation facilities and signs, as well as bike lanes.air max schweiz Cycling in Amsterdam is convenient and environmentally friendly means of transport, is the choice of many tourists. In Dam Square or Central Station and other places have a lot of bike rental companies, you can easily rent a bike, the price of 10-15 Euro per day, need a deposit or a credit card as collateral.

View of waterfront scenery by boat

Amsterdam is the seat of Watertown, river staggered, vertical and horizontal channels. The city has 165 large and small artificial cut or trimmed canal road. Take the glass boat tour of Amsterdam in order to truly appreciate the unique flavor of Watertown. Cruise walking through the river, lined with typical Dutch traditional residential building, Relaxing charming scenery will let you forget.

For Amsterdam, Watertown enjoy the scenery, take a boat tour of Amsterdam is a taste of the charm of the best way to water, canal boat has become the most distinctive local transport. Consider the ship as an ordinary means of transport, the Amsterdam canal company is the best option available. So outside Amsterdam canal cruises, there are many other companies provide a wide range of unique canal trip.

Canal company has four kinds adapt to the different needs of passenger transport canal: Canal Bus, Canal Bike, Canal Hopper and Canal Cruise.

Passionate fascinated by the red light district air max 90

The 17th century Dutch entered its "golden age", as the maritime gateway to Europe, Amsterdam became Europe's most vibrant maritime trading post. Merchant ships coming and going around the world carrying navigator, sailor here. Ended the monotony of life at sea, they came to the port recreation, Red-light district since then evolved. Today's red light district, and every night the window light illuminates the temptation exudes blurred ambiguous atmosphere.

Not to leave the museum and Van Gogh's portrait

Amsterdam is the European city of culture and art, the city has over 40 museums. In which the most famous is Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. The National Museum has a collection of over one million works of art, many of them world renowned Rembrandt, Hals and other masterpieces. Van Gogh Museum has a collection of famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh More than 200 paintings and more than 600 pieces of paintings, in addition to Impressionist master Claude Monet, Gauguin and other famous works.