"Its morning",Adetoun says as she gets up from her bed.She looks in the mirror,wiping off the noctural saliva from her mouth.She has not slept like that for five months now,not since she resumed work at Honeywell oil and gas limited.She wakes up at 5am so as to beat the traffic."A minute late to work will surely do me no good".Her boss mrs Eze is a no-nonsense woman.Although she has never had any encounter with her,she believes what her other colleagues says about her.Anytime she oversleeps and wakes up late,she will not have breakfast.That means she will have to make do with the fast food restaurant very close to her place of work.Today, however is different.She has been on leave for the past two weeks.Today is the last day,so she decides to stay at home. She enters the bathroom,takes her toothbrush and applies Oral B toothpaste on it.It was recommended for her by her dentist,just last week.She now prefers it to her previous toothpaste.She brushes her teeth gently,then,have her bath.She returns to the room to apply Nivea cream on her soft chocolate body.She unties her towel,puts on her pant then her bra.She opens her wardrobe and brings out a lovely peplum gown she had bought the previous day."Hmm!it really look good on me".Adetoun goes into the kitchen.She opens the refrigerator and brings out butter.She quickly heat water to make tea after which she had bread,butter and tea as breakfast. Today is surely going to be boring for her because she does not have anything to do."Should I see a movie?"She thought about it for sometime but eventually changes her mind."I have always wanted to write.I should start today."The thought becomes more appealing to her.She brings out a notebook and a pen."What should this story be about?"She thinks for a while and begins to write. * * * *