wordpress bootstrap framework

wordpress bootstrap framework


wordpress bootstrap framework


Our themes are all based on Twitter Bootstrap 3. ImpulsePress - our theme framework. The framework is a good basis for developing WordPress themes without spending too much time setting up the boilerplate.

Twitter Bootstrap is one of the leading open source web front-end frameworks used nowadays. We also add font awesome shortcodes to all our themes.

Who are we

Impulse-Themes.com is a brand of Two Impulse - a web and software startup company born in Switzerland and Portugal in early 2013. We have a team of five people - developers and designers in located in both countries.

What we do

The Impulse-Themes.com team develops website themes and plugins, mostly for WordPress. We developed a framework, which we use to develop all our themes - Impulse Press. Our themes are produced on this framework as well as all custom projects we build. We also make plugins and modules, which work together with our themes to provide snazzy features to make your site a joy to visit!

Our Company

We are a software consultancy and web design company. Our team of developers and designers has different backgrounds: from graphic design, through web design, web programming to software engineering. Developing themes is a part of our business. We also do consulting,  develop web and mobile applications, and search and text mining solutions. If you want to know more about Two Impulse, visit our website .