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Are you planning to go under the knives for having a cosmetic transformation? Dr. Luque Mexicali can help you out.

Cosmetic surgery is done for the restoration of form and function. It is a part of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery includes hand surgery, treatment of burns, micro surgery and reconstructive surgery. Mostly people who are in the entertainment industry feel the need to get cosmetic body contouring surgery done.

Dr. Luque Mexicali specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Reconstructive surgery is done to correct the functional impairments which are caused by burns, facial bone fractures and breaks. It also helps to treat the flaws which are caused due to congenital abnormalities which include cleft lips, injuries, infection, disease and so on. Reconstructive surgery is different from plastic surgery. In case of the former the main aim is to improve the functioning of the damaged body part whereas in case of the former the aim is to improve the appearance. Nothing is done to enhance or correct the function.

The reconstructive procedures which are done commonly are tumor removal, scar repair, hand surgery, breast reduction and so on.

Plastic surgery as such is a broad field. It consists of various sub parts. These are mentioned below:

Cosmetic- In this case the appearance of the body part is corrected.

Pediatric- Birth defects like cleft lip, congenital hand deformities etc which occur during the birth time are corrected in this case. It is better to treat the defects which occur during childhood in the childhood itself rather than letting it to develop and cause more problem in correction.

Craniofacial- It is a combination of pediatric and adult plastic surgery. It involves both treating the child who has congenital defects like cleft lops and so on. It also involves treating the adults in cases of fractures, orbital reconstruction and orthognathic surgery. These are considered as secondary surgery.

Micro surgery- It includes the reconstruction of the missing tissue. In this case the tissue of the person is transferred taking it from the same body and transferring it to the reconstruction site. The blood vessels which lie beneath are then connected to the new site.

Dr. Luque Mexicali specializes in these two areas. You can get in touch with them if you are planning to undergo any of these. He will guide you through the process. Before the surgery a detailed explanation is given to the patient. This is done in order to make the patient realize what exactly he is going to do and what to expect once the surgery is done.

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