Different types of electronic circuits

The electronic is made up with the individual components like diodes, inductors, capacitor, transistors and resistors. It is connected by the traces or the wires within which the electric current is going to flow.  The  combination of the components of the wires and allows the user complex and simple operation that have to be performed so that the signals are going to be amplified , the computation is going to be performed  and the data is going to move from a place to another place.  

The analog electronics circuit is for which the current or the voltage is going to vary according to the time and the information that have been represented.  The analog circuit has been constructed by the use of two different fundamental building blocks which are the parallel and series circuit. Within the same circuit, one current can pass within the series of different components.    

The basic of analog electronic circuits use the diodes, transistors, inductors, capacitors, resistors and wires.  The analog electronic projects are presented in the schematic diagrams. The wires are being shown like the lines and the components do have their own symbol.  The analog circuit uses the kirchhoff's circuit law. All these currents are found at a node. This is the place where the wires do meet.  The voltage found near the closed loop is 0. The wires are treated like the ideal zero voltage interconnection and the resistance and reactance are added when a parasitic element is added like the inductor and discrete resistor. The active components like the transistors   are normally treated like controlled current and the voltage sources.

When a circuit size has to be compared to the wavelength for relevant signal frequency, the sophisticated approach needs to be used. The wires are normally treated by the use of the transmission lines and they have constant characteristics impedance with the impedance that it is found on the start with the end so that there can be determine and the reflected waves within the line.
The digital electronic circuit uses the discrete value and they are used to represent the numeric and the logical values.  Such value is being used to represent the information which is processed. The electronic kits may include the transistors which have been interconnected in order to create the logic gates and it provides the function for the Boolean logic.  The people who like hobby electronics do not design the digital circuits as analog circuits.


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