What It Means to Live in a Green, Environment-Friendly Condominium

If you are aware of how much the building industry contributes to most of the environmental issues we face today, you would probably think twice before choosing to live in a condo unit. But, you can take solace in the fact that many of today’s new developments are geared towards improving environmental safety and reducing the harmful by-products that are believed to have played a major role in the environmental problems, like climate change, we are left with today.

Although the green movement has been very active in more developed countries, the Philippines is now taking the issue more seriously, especially with regards to the importance of energy conservation, as well as the conservation of the country’s natural resources. In line with the many efforts being made to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions, a lot of reputable property developers are now making a conscious effort to make their developments more energy efficient and environmentally friendly by opting for sustainable architectural designs, utilizing construction materials that are environmentally sound, and engaging in construction and development processes that minimize carbon emissions. This is what green design really means.

Green architectural design is most evident in modern urban housing establishments like condominiums and high-rise buildings. Many of today’s condo designs and plans feature elements that promote an energy efficient and healthier form of living. The many crucial efforts that have been made to improve the urban living conditions in most major cities in the country is probably one of the contributing factors that have helped the real estate industry in the Philippines grow. The fact that the Philippines is a third world country is probably one of the main reasons why we are so proficient in coming up with great new ideas for efficient home designs.

But, what concrete benefits can one expect from opting for a green lifestyle? How does it affect our day-to-day lives? More importantly, as a condo resident/owner, how can you exercise green solutions to minimize your carbon footprint and effectively live in a cleaner and healthier environment?

The Benefits of Going Green

Before you scour the classifieds for condominium for sale in the Philippines, you should probably consider a few facts first about why going green is the best way to go.

Living Green Equals Living with Lower Electricity Bills

A huge part of living in an environmentally friendly home is reducing the household’s energy consumption. Overuse of limited energy is one of the main issues our civilization faces today. The energy that most of us take for granted is derived mostly from fossil fuels, and this won’t last forever. Our insatiable appetite for fossil fuels to power our homes, cars, and other technologies will be our undoing.

With that said, many of today’s property developers are coming up with ingenious architectural designs and structural plans that limit the consumption and overuse of energy. The living quarters of some modern condominiums are designed to absorb more light from the outside to sustain the lighting needs of its inhabitants during the day. This effectively eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the daytime, therefore minimizing energy waste. A simple change in the architectural design of a building can make a huge difference in terms of limiting energy consumption and saving up on electricity bills.

Opting for a lighter shade on your unit’s interior walls can also help you save energy. Lighter shades reflect light way better than darker shades. This means more efficient lighting placements and a brighter ambience inside the unit. Lighter shade walls don’t require as much light fixtures as darker shades because natural light bounces back to your eyes more effectively from objects painted with light colors.