Basic usage of Silane Coupling Agent

Silane Coupling Agent KH-5783-Glycidoxypropylmethyldiethoxysilanes are directly added to the adhesive components, addition of 1~5% of the resin. After the glue depends on molecular diffusion, coupling agent molecules migrate to the bonded interface coupling effects. That require curing adhesives, glue required for a period of time and then cured, so that the coupling agent to complete the migration process, to get good results. When in actual use, coupling agent, often forming a sedimentary layer on the surface, but the real work is a single molecular layer, therefore, amount of coupling agent without much.

Silane Coupling Agent is used mainly surface preparation method and direct method, which is packed with diluted Silane Coupling Agent KH-5783-Glycidoxypropylmethyldiethoxysilanes processing surfaces, which is when the premix resin and filler, adding coupling agent solution.

Silane Coupling Agent KH-5783-Glycidoxypropylmethyldiethoxysilanes distribution into solution, conducive to Silicon n-I joint agent in material surface of dispersed, solvent is water and alcohol distribution made of solution, solution General for Silicon n-(20%), and alcohol (72%), and water (8%), alcohol General for ethanol (on b oxygen base Silicon n-) methanol (on methyl oxygen base Silicon n-) and the different c alcohol (on easily dissolved Yu ethanol, and methanol of Silicon n-) for Silicon n-hydrolysis speed and PH value about, neutral most slow, partial acid, and partial alkali are more fast, so General needed regulation solution of PH value, except amino silicon n-outside, Other Silane Coupling Agent can add a small amount of acetic acid, adjust the PH value to 4-5, amino silane with alkaline, do not have to adjust. Silane Coupling Agent hydrolysis not old, equipped with best now, it is best to run out within an hour.

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