Tips in Taking Candid Shots in a Wedding

Tips in Taking Candid Shots in a Wedding


It is popular in weddings to see the couples and their visitors pose for portrait snapshots from time to time. We can see them looking formal and showing their best smiles.  Well, that is a fantastic way to take awesome photographs but then you should also consider recording the enjoyable moments. These fun moments are usually captured as soon as the subject lets down his guard.


Candid shots in weddings are becoming more and more popular these days. A lot of engaged couples are requesting for their wedding photographer to take various candid shots to go with the portrait photos.  Candid style is fun, authentic and unplanned. You will not see the subject staring right at the camera since they are usually unaware that they're being photographed.


If you're new to wedding photography and would like to learn how to take candid shots in a wedding, below are great tips for you:


1.    Use a zoom lens.
Zoom lens is best for taking candid shots from a distant spot. The subjects you would like to shoot will not detect that you are pointing the camera at them. The couple and their guests usually feel conscious when they know they are being photographed so make sure you are in some way unnoticeable.
When taking candid shots in a somehow dramatic moment, be unobtrusive and quiet. You ought to adjust your camera’s setting so less clicking sound will be heard.


2.    Avoid using flash.
Flashes can be annoying and can sometimes make visitors more conscious about their smiles and actions. Refrain from using the flash unless it is really needed.


3.    Look for the right timing
Timing is essential in taking nice candid photos. With practice and experience, you will get better and better in getting the timing right.


4.    Move and strategize.
To get more candid shots, it is most advantageous to be alert, to keep moving and to strategize on the best positions to make in getting the precise candid shots. You will surely find moments where the guests are laughing, dancing and having so much fun. There are also melodramatic moments that you need to capture so make sure you know the flow of the wedding ceremony so you can anticipate the next happenings.


Awesome candid shots will surely be treasured by the couple. These pictures can help them remember how amazing their wedding was.