What kind of wood is good for furniture?

You would be bothered by which kind of house you’d like to buy before you buy one. After that, you would think what kind of wood coming from plywood supplier in China is good for furniture or home decoration. I want to share with you about the pine wood for home decoration today.


Pine wood furniture has two types, one is the pine, and the other is masson. You would know what pine is if you live in a village. Masson pine texture is straight or oblique uneven structure to coarse. The disadvantage is that when dry split or more serious. No decay. Paint, poor bonding properties are its characters. Strong grip nails, relatively speaking, as a carpenter in a furniture plate seldom used, the price of wood panels in block boards wholesale China is generally about three times the size of fir with integrated plate. Pinus sylvestris is widely used for the mid-range solid wood furniture with wood, and many have adopted the pine wood furniture. Pine material is strong, texture is relatively clear, wood is good, relative to the fir, Scotch pine wood will be more beautiful some scarring is relatively small.


To some extent, pine wood is a nice choice for home decoration. Of course, if you go to the market and buy best mdf wood in China for use, then you would choose the relative product.