Goods lift: Becomes an helping agent for human

Goods lifts are designed for moving goods from one floor of a work place to another. It is a lift quite similar to a passenger lift, but one that is dedicated to carrying goods, usually on a pallet, but not necessarily so. Sometimes these lifts are combined with passenger needs to become a dual purpose lift. These are usually larger than goods only lifts.


Goods lift has to be installed in work places where the legislation in force makes it mandatory. However, there are plenty of work places where these types of lifts have been installed simply because it makes sense. Having a lift to move heavy goods can be more efficient and more cost effective. Because machinery does most of the work but not all of the heavy lifting and moving, there is generally less lifting-related employee injury, and therefore less time spent off work by those likely to be affected.


Lifts for goods are generally supplied in standard sizes in a range that is usually suitable for most industries. However, they can be supplied in custom sizes to suit individual companies. This may be because of space restrictions, or possibly for any other number of reasons. There is a definite flexibility in the physical size and the carrying capacity, and therefore the availability, of lifts designed to carry goods.


Dynamic Hydrofab has some specifications and feature for Goods lift India as given below:

The Maximum lifting capacity of the goods lift: 600 kg
The Maximum lifting height of the goods lift: 18 feet or more
The Electrical power usage: 0.75KW
 Key Features:
•Brilliant performance
•Rigid construction
•Improved durability
•High efficiency

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