Unique Suggestions For Crystal Gifts For Any Occasion

Unique Suggestions For Crystal Gifts For Any Occasion

Every occasion, whether small or big, can be made memorable by exchanging gifts that speak volumes about the love, care and affection you show for your near and dear ones. So, what is your idea about the gifts? Why not consider presenting beautiful, crystal-clear gifts?


Talking about gifts, it is not necessary that you have to spend fortunes on buying expensive gifts. Instead, there are many cheap and best ideas like handmade products, crystal-made items, etc.


Tired of leafing through catalogues, looking for something to catch your eye, something to fill the brief!!


Got some ideas in your head, but how do you convert them into tangible high end awards that make a statement and will incentivise all involved?


Gaze into the crystal ball of Best 3D Crystal Gifts for your solutions, as we focus this month on the crystal awards option, perceived as being of much higher value and kudos than most glass equivalents.


Why is this you ask?


It is the purity and the weight of the crystal that gives that sense of value and position in the awards market. Because designs are cut from solid ingots of special material, very thick designs can be created, for example it is no problem to have a 10cm thick design, tower, cube or block.


These thicker awards can then be readily enhanced by additional processing of the corners and edges, by bevelling them to add various angles to refract light and add sparkle to an already impressive design.



It is the extra thickness that allows the imaging of truly 3D objects to be created through the use of sub surface laser technology. Crystal awards enhanced by the “capture” of corporate logos, extremely detailed mechanical images or icons known the world over, add a great deal of appeal and can be adapted to a wide range of purposes.


The skills of the Best 3D Crystal craftsmen also allows Crystal Awards to be created as a sphere, highly suited, through the use of 3D technology, to the promotion of anything global, be it a worldwide company award, promotional product, anniversary or international speakers gift.


As mentioned in last month’s article, crystal does come in a range of colours, so the creation of crystal awards that incorporate a companies’ corporate colours, is a real possibility. These colours can be processed and joined, using invisible UV curing glues, to create stunning crystal awards.


Whilst the majority of awards are a combination of flat or angled surfaces, our craftsmen can also hand make shapes that are designed as awards. A primary example is this car that we created for a Hyundai golf event. Crystal awards of a complex nature can also be created through a moulding process, but that is a topic for a future blog. See staircase award below.


Inset Hyundai Car


Lastly, through the use of water jet cutting machines, intricate shapes can be created, so using combinations of clear and coloured crystal, combined with the ability of our design team, striking Crystal awards are possible. See the Support Act Award above.


Often it is only the imagination that is the limiting factor.So don’t be limited ……if you have an idea out of left field, consult with Best3D crystal and you will be surprised what can be created. Check out more tips @ best3dcrystalgifts.com