Delta Responds to Saudi Arabian Airlines Rumors

Delta Air Lines issued a statement today defending its discrimination policy and clarifying its partnership with Saudi Arabian airlines. The statement responded to many concerns voiced by its customers over the last 24-hours.

A one-page statement released by the airline states, "Delta does not operate service to Saudi Arabia and does not codeshare with any airline that serves that country. Delta does not intend to codeshare or share reciprocal benefits, such as frequent flier benefits, with Saudi Arabian Airlines, which we have confirmed with SkyTeam, an Amsterdam-based 14-member global airline alliance."

The U.S. based airline has a long history and it is clear the company does not discriminate against its customers. The United States has a history allowing its citizens to voice concerns when necessary. A key issue for many people is the business partnership between Delta and Saudi Arabian Airlines, a state-owned company the U.S. government claims has discriminatory policies. (See: Jews ماب نيوز not wanted... on Delta Airlines). Delta addressed Map News the primary concerns of its customers by confirming it will not codeshare with the Saudi airlines.

According to the USA Today, blogger Jason Miller believes that, "Delta could stand of principle and refuse to include Saudi Arabian Airlines based on its discriminatory policy."