discount e liquid and Use Electronic Cigarette for Healthy Life

Use Electronic Cigarette for Healthy Life

It is very simple to get rid of smoking hazards with the help of electronic cigarette (e cig) or e-cigarette. Real cigarette causes severe problems. Real cigarette smoking damages lungs and even leads to death. But, e cig is safe. These cigarettes look similar to a real cigarette and even the taste is similar to a real one. Usually a real cigarette contains more than 4000 harmful chemicals. Some toxins that are found in a traditional cigarette are tar, carbon mono oxide, cyanide, arsenic etc. Every year thousands of people die because of smoking. Therefore, it was a need of a hour to bring a revolutionary product which can replace real cigarette.

E Cigs and its Various Components

If you are not familiar with e cig, this article will explain you everything about it. Generally, e cigs are made up of three main components namely battery, atomiser and a cartridge respectively. A battery is given to produce electrical charge. Don't worry it will not give you a shock anyway. A built in sensor is connect with it which starts working as soon as a smoker inhales a puff. Battery is made up of lithium (rechargeable) and can be continuously used for many times. An atomiser is given in a cigarette as it contains a coil. A coil heats up after receiving charge from a battery and vapourises e-liquid to produce smoke. A cartridge is given in a cigarette as it contains wet wadding of e-liquid. It also works as a mouthpiece. This is how an e-cig usually works.

Reasons to Choose E Cigs

A real cigarette is extremely hazardous for health. It is hazardous not only for those who smoke but even for those also stood with a smoker while smoking. Real cigarette contains more than 4000 toxic chemicals. Some of the most hazardous chemicals that a real cigarette contains are tar, carbon mono oxide, arsenic, cyanide and many others. But, an electronic cigarette offers pure nicotine and no toxic chemicals. Therefore, these are safe for your health. You can even buy them at very affordable rates and cost you less than real cigarettes. You will be saving hundreds of pounds every month with these cigarettes.

Why you are still sticking to a real cigarette when you have the best alternative? Choose electronic cigarette for your better health and remain healthy for the rest of your life. If you want to take a trial, buy disposable e cig. Here at iCig, you will find the best e cig models and starter kits at affordable prices. If you are an existing user of an e cig, you can buy refills as well. Visit our website to check out our product range.

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