Eupec Infineon FZ800R33KF2 Semiconductor - A High Voltage IGBT Transistor Module

Get your FZ800R33KF2 now at and let the wind turbines in your community attain optimum electric performance!


FZ800R33KF2 is your answer in boosting the power of the wind turbines in your area! This semiconductor IGBT transistor module has powerful features that are unavailable to typical semiconductors.


FZ800R33KF2 is a 130-mm single switch IGBT transistor module that can generate up to 3300V of power with only a weight of 2.20 lbs.


Wind turbines do have high requirements. Thankfully, theres the high voltage IGBT FZ800R33KF2 to meet all the demands with its robust module construction. Its highly reliable that it can maintain its full power for an extended period of time. With this feature, you never have to buy another FZ800R33KF2 for a long time, hence, minimizing your expenses.


With the high power density of FZ800R33KF2, wind turbines will not only achieve maximum power, they can even go beyond the limits!